Prepare the Royal Highway

Augsburg Fortress

SATB, tambourine | Tune: “Bereden väg för Herran”

Hosanna to the Lord, for he fulfills God’s word! This celebratory anthem features elegant choral writing that will inspire your choir and assembly alike. Easy to learn and satisfying to sing, the anthem weaves four-part, two-part, and unison textures with a tambourine part that will add a festive element to your Advent season.

This Swedish folk tune from the 17th century has a lilting 6/4 meter that dances along at a moderately fast pace. The choral parts, on two staves, maintain the simplicity and keep the folk spirit throughout while the tambourine adds to the energetic rhythm without intruding or dominating. Its music is on the back cover and as a separate line in the choral score.

The Diapason

October 2014