Augsburg Fortress, 2016

Piano solo (Easy-Medium)  Editors' Choice

This collection of hymn settings in diverse forms and styles will serve you well throughout the church year. Some of these pieces may be used as preludes or postludes, while others may be used as hymn introductions and alternate accompaniments. Teachers who want to introduce hymn settings to students will find this a valuable teaching tool. This is also a great resource for funeral service music.

Composer’s Reflection: From August 25, 2014 to August 17, 2015, I wrote one new hymn setting a week (sometimes two), my 52 in 52 challenge! This resulted in 55 short pieces (32 measures or less in most cases), written with piano and/or organ in mind, each written in the key found in most hymnals. My hope is that church musicians will be able to use these little pieces in their own church contexts, adapting them as needed, and in their own homes for musical refreshment. An alphabetized list of tunes is below.