2014 Florida Choristers Guild Children’s Choir Festival

A Psalm of ThanksgivingMy children’s anthem A Psalm of Thanksgiving is one of three pieces for Junior Choir (grades 3-6) at the upcoming 23rd annual Choristers Guild Children’s Choir Festival, Orlando, FL, March 8, 2014. The festival’s director, Suzanne Gifford has written a helpful note about how to rehearse the piece.

“A Psalm of Thanksgiving” Reviewed in CrossAccent

Psalm of ThanksgivingThe November 2013 edition of the ALCM’s journal CrossAccent contains the following review of my anthem A Psalm of Thanksgiving:

Based on Psalm 100, this is an attractive, cheerful piece for one- or two-part children’s choir. It is in an ABA form, the A being “Come, all the earth, and praise the Lord, Be joyful and sing, for the Lord is good,” and the gentler B section being, “You know the Lord is God who made us, and we are his.” The A material returns with a fun Alleluia descant. Shaw gives kids a singable, solid piece for Thanksgiving or throughout the year.

Choral Anthem Reviewed in CrossAccent

How Can I Keep from SingingThe March 2013 edition of the ALCM’s journal CrossAccent contains the following review of my music:

How Can I Keep from Singing? is a handy piece to have on file for when there is limited rehearsal time. Most church choirs would likely have this learned with just a few minutes of rehearsal. The tune and words, attributed to Robert Lowry, are arranged in an exuberant Southern folk hymn setting. The two-part harmony would work with any combination of adult or children’s voices. The C-instrument part could be learned easily by a high-school-level instrumentalist of average ability. Shaw’s How Can I Keep from Singing? offers quality with minimal time commitment.

Rejoice in the Lord published by Shawnee Press

Rejoice In the LordShawnee Press has released my original setting of Philippians 4:4, 6-8 for children’s choir, Rejoice in the Lord (Unison/2-part, keyboard, opt treble instrument). You can view sample pages and listen to a demo recording here. This piece will work well with choirs of all ages. Although written primarily in unison, the anthem concludes with a simple, but optional two-part ending.

A Christmas Gloria! published by Shawnee Press

A Christmas Gloria!Shawnee Press has released my newest Christmas anthem for children’s choir, A Christmas Gloria! (Unison/2-part, keyboard). You can view sample pages and listen to a demo recording here. This selection should work well with both unison and unison/2-part choirs, especially choirs of older elementary voices.