New Music week 44: NEW BRITAIN

52 in 52This week’s addition to my 52 in 52 series is a setting of one of the most beloved hymns ever written: NEW BRITAIN (“Amazing Grace”). For years, I’ve avoided writing a keyboard arrangement of this tune, but I’m very pleased with the finished product!* This can be played on either piano or organ, or a solo instrument could play the treble clef while the keyboard plays the bass clef as accompaniment. (Since some hymnals have retained the key of G, while others have transposed this hymn to F, I’ve included both keys.)

*Can anyone guess which Chopin piece I had in mind while writing this hymn setting?

New Music week 43: QUEBEC

52 in 52For the final 10 entries in my 52 in 52 series, I plan to write settings of tunes that have been suggested to me by some of you over the course of the year. The first of these is a setting of the tune QUEBEC (“Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts”), thought to have been written by British musician Henry Baker when he was a student at Exeter College, Oxford. In the coming weeks, look for settings of “Amazing Grace,” “Let Us Break Bread Together,” “Holy Manna,” and more of your favorites.

New Music week 42: AURELIA

52 in 52This week’s addition to my 52 in 52 series is a setting of the tune AURELIA (“The Church’s One Foundation”) by English organist and composer Samuel Sebastian Wesley. The tune first appeared with this text in the 1868 edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern and has since become a favorite of many churchgoers. The tune is found in both D and E-flat major, so I’ve included both keys here. Enjoy!

New Music week 41: CORONATION

52 in 52This week’s addition to my 52 in 52 series is a setting of the tune CORONATION (“All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name”) by Oliver Holden, an American carpenter, teacher and musician. I have written settings of this tune twice before: a piano duet (also available as a piano duo), and a violin solo, commissioned and recorded by David Kim, Philadelphia Orchestra concertmaster.