About Us

Shaw Music originated in 2004, and for many years existed primarily as a blog promoting the music of composer and pianist Timothy Shaw. Over the years, as Shaw found success with both traditional music publishers and self-publishing, the blog transitioned into a full-fledged website and online store. In late 2018, the company expanded to become a music publisher and distributor that carries the music of several affiliate composers, including Daniel Barta, Olivia Cresswell, Peter Hilliard, and Ryan Kelly, among others. Today, the catalog contains over seventy titles in various genres and encompasses music for choir, instrument, organ, piano, and voice. Titles are available for purchase through Shaw Music ePrint and in hard copy exclusively through J. W. Pepper, one of the world’s largest music distributors, delivering sheet music since 1876. As a company, Shaw Music is committed to producing artistic, worshipful, accessible sacred music.