Piano Commission: Concordia Piano Prelude Series

Concordia Publishing House has commissioned me to write new settings of hymn tunes to be included in the forthcoming Piano Prelude Series. Building upon the success of Hymn Prelude Library, Concordia is now embarking on another exciting project: Piano Prelude Series. Like the Hymn Prelude Library, this collection will feature preludes on the hymns of Lutheran Service Book, but this time for piano. My first piece, which will be included in volume 1 (A), is a setting of “The Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us” (Ach Gott vom Himmelreiche).

2 thoughts on “Piano Commission: Concordia Piano Prelude Series

  1. Hey, Tim~
    This is fantastic–both for you and for us trench-musicians!

    Question: Is this being done solely by commission, or is CPH taking submissions?

    I look forward to having your submissions under my fingers. :-)

    Peace ~

  2. Thanks, Gail.

    At this time, CPH is commissioning composers to write the hymn settings. It is sure to be an excellent collection, from a large pool of compositional talent.

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