Seven Christmas Haiku

I enjoy reading poetry, but I rarely write poems. I’ve written original lyrics for a few of my anthems, but the process is always long and tedious. Yesterday, though, I took up my church’s challenge to write poetry on the topic of Advent/Christmas. In the end, I wrote seven haiku. You might enjoy reading them, contemplating the thoughts contained in these short verses…




The fullness of time—
Jesus, only Son of God,
leaves the Father’s throne.

Angels light the sky—
Jesus, the hope of the world,
sleeps in a manger.

“Magnify the Lord!”—
Jesus, the incarnate Word,
hears his mother sing.

Shepherds run to see—
Jesus, Shepherd of the flock,
wins the hearts of men.

Wise men read the stars—
Jesus, the King of all kings,
receives royal gifts.

Chisel, hammer, saw—
Jesus, who sustains all things,
aids in Joseph’s work.

Oh, what love, what grace!—
Jesus, Lord, Emmanuel,
comes to save his own.

Timothy Shaw
December 4, 2014

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