Hymn Prelude Library vol 5 published by Concordia

Concordia Publishing House has released volume 5 of the increasingly popular Hymn Prelude Library (based on Lutheran Service Book), containing hymn tunes that begin with ‘H’ and ‘I’. My setting of HELMSLEY (“Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending”) is included in this volume. Here is a review of the entire collection by Jeffrey Blersch, Professor of Music and Organist at Concordia University Nebraska:

In my experience, every organist continually looks for new and interesting ways to present and lead the song of their congregation. We look for pieces which portray hymn tunes in ways which are musically interesting, sensitive to the character of the hymn text, and which are accessible and able to be learned in a relatively short period of time. The new LSB Hymn Prelude Library provides organists with just that. But, not just for selected hymn tunes – for every hymn tune in Lutheran Service Book. For these reasons the Hymn Prelude Library will be a very useful and indispensible tool in leading the worshipping assembly in song.

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