My Redeemer Lives: Hymns of Comfort and Praise reviewed in WorshipArts

The January-February 2014 edition of WorshipArts (a journal of The Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts) includes a review of my piano collection My Redeemer Lives: Hymns of Comfort and Praise. The reviewer looks at two other piano books published by Augsburg Fortress, but here are some of the comments he makes about my collection:

…Across the three Augsburg collections, all the arrangements generally ‘lie well’ under the fingers, though Shaw’s arrangements seem more technically involved than Roberts’ or Raabe’s. Again, though, there are several in the Shaw collection that are directly accessible. Practice time will vary for the experienced pianist/keyboardist, depending on individual ability…

…In general, these tunes are the most traditional among the three volumes; the practice required to work out harder portions (running thirds, sixths, octaves, and fast scales) of these scores will be worth the time.

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