Hymn Prelude Library vol 4 published by Concordia

hymn prelude vol 4Concordia Publishing House has released volume 4 of the new Hymn Prelude Library (based on Lutheran Service Book), containing hymn tunes that begin with ‘F’ and ‘G’. My setting of GABRIEL’S MESSAGE (“The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came”) is contained in this volume. Here is a review of the entire collection by Steven Wente, Professor of Music at Concordia University Chicago and Cantor at First Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church, Chicago:

The Concordia Hymn Prelude Library promises to be an invaluable resource for providing new, relevant attendant organ music for the service. Organists of our time frequently seek to match the prelude, voluntary, and postlude to the hymns of the service. In some cases, as introductions to the hymns these pieces can reflect the historic practice of the organist playing a prelude before the singing of the hymn. While many collections provide settings of popular tunes, the Hymn Prelude Library will present preludes for all of the tunes in Lutheran Service Book. Drawing upon a variety of composers and styles and levels of difficulty, the Hymn Prelude Library is a must-have collection for every organist or their congregation.

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