Christmas Anthem Reviewed in CrossAccent

The Association of Lutheran Church Musicians’ journal, “CrossAccent” (Vol. 19, no. 1) contains the following review of my Christmas anthem, “Winds Through the Olive Trees” (published by Choristers Guild and distributed by Lorenz): “What a pretty melody Timothy Shaw has written! Dedicated to his children, the tune is childlike in its simplicity and purity, but never childish. The anonymous text has been set by several composers, but Shaw’s compares well to any of them. The setting is a straightforward treatment of the tune with simple SAB voicing and an attractive part for C instrument, probably a flute. It could be learned in a couple of rehearsals by a choir of average ability. The composer provides a nice little Gloria section by the treble voices in response to the men singing, “Then from the happy skies angels bent low, singing their songs of joy…” “Winds Through the Olive Trees” would be a good choice for a choir which is short on men or a youth choir and is appropriate anytime during the Christmas season.”

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